Starting a new thing

Hey there!

From 2011-2017, I started assembling a portfolio of everything I worked on and it quickly became a hot mess. It had everything (videos, pictures, services I offered at the time, modeling photos, blog posts, past work). This was called

I transitioned to focus more on services and The Vary Creatives was born.

While The Vary Creatives is a great way to showcase the services I offer, I realized that it wasn’t a very clear way to showcase my ART. For example, I had a blog talking about my favorite 3 music tracks each month…which was great! But that category of blog posts was something that didn’t really belong on a business website. I learned that I really did miss sharing my art in a way that wasn’t too structured and “on brand.”

So if you’re here! Great! Welcome. I’m Andrea. I’m 25 when I’m writing this and I enjoy graphic design, painting, photography, writing, animation, and find myself constantly exploring related topics. My interests change a lot but they are, thankfully, at least somewhat connected. I’m living in Atlanta, USA and here’s to sharing more of what I’m interested in! Enjoy!

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